Laughing Samoans Kick off with Samoan Documentary Trailer in Hawaii

I had never heard of the Laughing Samoans before, but it turns out that they are pretty funny guys who travel all over the world doing stand-up comedy about Samoan life and culture. The good folks at Pacific Islanders in Communication in Honolulu tapped me to create a 2-minute trailer highlighting their documentaries about Samoa, which would show on a big screen before the Laughing Samoans’ concerts while on tour in Hawaii.  Pretty cool!  Hope I get to go to Samoa someday…looks beautiful.  And the films I pulled from were so interesting, including:  The Calling, Skin Stories, Polynesian Power, Made in Taiwan, Black Grace, Goodbye Charlie, A U O Le Taupou and O Tamaiti.  Check it.

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