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Here’s a quick post about using my iPhone as a quick and dirty recording device. I happen to have an iPhone 5, but I’m sure this would work on any newer smartphone using a comparable app.

I was editing a Kickstarter video for some friends and needed to record some quick temp VO. In the past I used an older model USB microphone, but the last time I used it, it sounded so low resolution. What’s another quick and easy option?

I poked around on my iPhone and discovered the Voice Memo App, which came as part of the iOS. 


I pressed the big red button, read the voiceover into the phone and then pressed the red button again to stop recording. The recorded VO appeared in a window, automatically named “New Recording.” I clicked on the name and renamed the file.













There’s even an editing feature where you can trim pauses and false starts from the heads and tails of the file.













When I finished trimming and naming the file, I just emailed it to myself.

Email VO











And when it landed in my inbox on my computer, I copied it onto my media drive into a folder called Scratch Tracks. Then in Adobe Premiere, I used the Media Browser to import the audio file into my project. And then I edited it right into my sequence.

Import VO












I was thinking of buying a new microphone for recording temp VO in the edit room, but this worked so well, I think I’ll just keep using the iPhone. And I think the USB microphone is going to electronics recycling.

What other ways are you using your iPhone in video post production? I’d love to hear your ideas. Happy Editing!




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