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  • 5 Tips for Editing Your Sample Reel

    These 5 tips will help you edit the strongest documentary film sample reel possible and help get your film funded!

  • Editing a Doc Sample Reel

    Overwhelmed editing your sample reel? Start by gathering the top 25 best pieces of footage from your film.

  • Kū Kanaka World Premiere

    15 year old Kanalu Young takes a deep water dive into four feet of water, breaks his neck and forever alters his life. Eventually he immerses himself in Hawaiian language, culture and history and becomes a powerful teacher and activist.

  • Film Finishing Prep: Copying Media Using Premiere Pro

    Picture locked on the Kū Kanaka documentary and moving into the finishing phase using Adobe Premiere Pro’s Project Manager feature. Media management ain’t sexy, but it sure is useful!

  • Your iPhone is a Mic

    Using my iPhone to record temp VO in the edit room, a quick and dirty how-to.

  • Moving a doc from FCP to Premiere Pro

    Thinking about cutting your doc on Premiere? If you aren’t too deep into your editing, you might consider getting off that reliable but ancient workhorse Final Cut Pro 7.

  • Organizing Docs for Premiere Pro

    A well organized project saves time and money, doubly so when you are editing long-form documentary on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This is a VERY geeky blog post especially for editors.

  • Trailer-o-Rama

    A CHANCE TO DRESS by director Alice Bouvrie is a warm, wonderful portrait of a renowned geologist and MIT professor, who also happens to be a cross-dresser. Like so many of these stories, it’s ultimately a film about love and family.

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