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I wonder at what point I became aligned with the underdog?  To me, it feels like it’s coded into my DNA.  I naturally want to support and back David instead of Goliath…the A’s instead of the Giants…and of course, never the New York Yankees. This sentiment serves me well as a documentary editor…the most interesting … Continued

Moved by HALF THE SKY Women’s Empowerment Project

Speed-blogging today…got LOTS on my plate. I am thrilled and honored and humbled to be working these next couple of weeks on a short splash video promoting long-time client Independent Television Service‘s involvement in the documentary film adaptation of HALF THE SKY, a New York Times bestselling novel by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl Wudunn.  If … Continued

Edit Room painted red!

I am NOT a Feng Shui expert. But I do think the basic principles of Feng Shui jive with the basic principles of good design, and I used Feng Shui to help design and decorate the last two workspaces, which were both very successful. So Stanford and I read a couple of books, found a … Continued